Her voice, her voice found me, in that abyssal depth where I sulked and lurked, she found me, hiding in the dark, in pain, her voice, her hope, caught hold of me, enveloped in this man-made hell, her voice, brought life, brought life back into this husk, the gods scream, the demons scream, her voice, brought texture to this fake stage, as I followed her vowels and consonants, the intonation of her words, I followed her back to day, the blight of reality.

© elancharan


18 thoughts on “VOICE

  1. Another good piece! Off topic but I notice you have copyright on your pieces, which is good. Been debating whether I should copyright for my stuff. I’m just not sure how to go about it. Any advice?

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    1. Thank you! Well, if after all the effort you put into writing and producing content, would you want someone stealing your works? Be clear about whether your work is for all to use. Also use the copyright symbol when possible to give people an idea that you’re serious about your art and that permissions should be seeked on usage of your material (most people ask, but one or two thieves out there).

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