Almost three decades into my life and this skin is the bane of gods, the world stares at it in repulsion, dark, ebony and chocolate of the tastes they remember, but they fail to see the human and humanity within, while others wonder if there’s more to it, more to this skin or thing, more once my clothes are off and if the same demon of color camps in the nether beneath my underwear, almost three decades into my life and nothing, nothing has fucking changed.

© elancharan


17 thoughts on “BANE OF GODS

  1. I’m cocasian but I have a brother who is half-Chinese. We look really different as far as skin goes, but he is my brother all the way. The heart goes deeper than skin. We each have a matching birthmark on our forearms, mine a darker oval, his a lighter one, so we like to joke that we traded a little piece of skin to stay always united. Siblings despite differences.
    I hope you will encounter many people who will embrace you a unique and precious human being, sacred and worthy of respect, not fear and suspicion.
    Bless you,

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