Chanting Demons


The demons, we become. The abominations, we fear. The devils, we dare to follow. Hidden, consumed and tucked away in the darkest recesses of our hearts, we run from. Days become night, the night refuses to end. Humans become demons, we refuse to lay down our madness and die. Begging legacies to live on, immortalized in rock, soil and flesh. The land remembers, minds refuse to forget. We pass it on, in scripts, words, tongues spoken across continents and ages. We deny, the global destruction, ruthless torment and the primal savagery of our kind. In blood, in tears, we remember, the demons we become.

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Why You So Dark?


As the day shines down upon the British Empire, one hits snooze on the turnstyle nature of alarms, for hell, the meridian is low, and the sun always rises from the east, we look dearly in our common souls for a sense of nature. Finding yourself downtrodden in the culprits of the racial elite pushes forth those that are constantly sequestered to the edge of empire, and are requested thus to wash up thoroughly in preparation for dinner, to dine or be eaten, the white cloth dispenses as such, and one asks often after drying, Why Are You So Dark? Elancharan chronicles the day to day stagger through alleyways and taxi rides. His darkened cloak of night moves a feet sullen and laden through a solid verse chronicling the adverse domain of those that remain, blackened by the sky in our holy dirt. This People of Color Narrative breaks down social norms in the neo-Singapore, and doesn’t fret to ask the hard questions, Why You So Dark? A collection of poems and observations that sheds light on the every man hustle in the streets of our new Asian cinema. Find out why Elancharan Gunasekaran speaks, for his story if not hard to bear, he seeks to break down the walls surrounding you and offer truth, for in this beauty, we still meander, and dwell a new hope for the future. Why You So Dark? 48 pages of full color you seek, for answers, for love, to collect!

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Prowl draws its inspiration from the world of sexually transmitted diseases such as the deadly HIV. On the other end of the spectrum is the belief that we can prevent more cases of STD infections or transmissions via proper contraceptives such as condoms. This is a work of literary and visually artistic elements. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where safety is a priority for having the time of your life. Prowl is here to stalk and bring out the secrets of back lanes and dim-grim alleys. The choice is yours to make. To do or not to do. To live or not to live. 

The prowl begins……….

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Dark Revolver


The poems in Dark Revolver, in their sheer visionary power, speak of Kali, the dark-skinned goddess of destruction, time and death. All of the three elements have haunted the imagination of legions of both poets and philosophers alike. Beguiling and bewildering, these poems parallel issues that plague the human civilization of today: the ravaging of innocence, the decay of the soul, the apathetic nature of the modern individual and his exhaustive obsession with the past, and the intellectualization of divine madness. The path before us is set in ancient carvings of stone. Venture into the darkest reaches of the universe, never to return. Every nanosecond, every breath is devoted and dedicated to the worship of legendary beings. Transcend Maya, awaken your senses with every turn of the page. Man shall once again revel in the ancient ways of spiritual passion. The evolution of Hinduism has taken inspiration into the forays of otherworldly realms. As you flip the pages, you’ll find Kali glorifying each and every verse with her mystical immanence. Proving to us yet again that, in this age of Kali Yuga, her dance has no end or beginning.

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Into Oblivion


Are you trapped in this never-ending cycle of creation and destruction? The timeless vacuum of the present leaves you wondering, is there more to life? Into Oblivion is the answer to our constant and vagrant musings. Born into an endless process that will take us through choices, love and disaster, the collection will leave you breathless. Spread over 88 pages of ground-breaking poetry and prose; enter a universe where reality and fiction will collide. The fate of worlds rest in your hands, invoke your deepest thoughts and open your minds.

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