Shadow People

Shadow People cover art

Shadow people, is a strange collection of short poetry, haiku and free verse. The Shadow People linger in our dreams, prowl our dark corridors, some with good intentions others with evil schemes. They are our bane, our saviours, in our darkest times will they be friend or foe? The Shadow People live on, a reminder of the deviant worlds that reside alongside ours, in our shadows and souls.

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Limbo cover art

Limbo is a collection of short poetry, haikus and that in-between place that we go to when we need to escape reality. The collection explores the feelings of being impartial, neutral, not taking sides but just being there in life. Limbo is the call of forces beyond our understanding, a slight horror, a minuscule terror, the urge to maybe peek through the keyhole of dreams. This is Limbo.

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Flat World Madness

flat world madness-01

Your mind is in the wrong place. You’re facing the wrong direction. You’re walking. You think you’re walking straight. But, no! You’re walking off the face of this planet. This is Flat World Madness. Every step is a drop. A jump. A dive into the madness of our world. You think this world is round and fun? Think again. We making it flat. We bombing, we killing, we peeling life from reality. We mad.

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Jellyfish Meltdown


O, just the random poetic ramblings of a mad man… Jellyfish on the wall, jellyfish in my closet, the world’s gone bonkers! Humans in space abort their Earthly landings. Love is a transition, a door, a passage between life and death. Hearts hunger, souls linger and alternate worlds are shattered. The change is human life, the minds of our fragile existence. The only threat is- immortal jellyfish.

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You there, come closer as I whisper into your ears, the tales of danger, sex and desires. Step into a dark world. This could be your city, your home. This is how you might have perceived life to be in the throes of madness. This is Monochromatique, a queer and relatively strange place, where society is ruled by our sins and mistakes.

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Eclipse- A War of Words


Eclipse- A War of Words, is the epitome of human madness, the rage and fires of war. The work puts together the words, feelings and fears of soldiers alive and fallen from battlefields to home. The trauma, the damage, the life-changing experience of war on one’s psychological and personal wellbeing. Eclipse, transcends the body and mind, into a different plane of poetical experience; pushing the boundaries of standard poetry notions. War has ravaged humanity as far as we could go back into history, why are wars still being fought? Are wars necessary in this age of technological and social advancement?

The collection explores the physical, mental and socio-cultural impacts of wars on our world. Wars are fought every single day. Between the mind and body. Between the soul and the unseen. Within the body, wars are taking place, between humans and relationships, wars are taking place. On the battlefield, with guns and bombs, wars are taking place. The writing of these words have started a war within me. Take my hand, flip the pages of this collection and follow me down the path of war, poems and stories. Are you ready to be eclipsed?

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Yama At The End Of Time


In the shadows, immortal beings watch. The acts and sins of mankind, written into countless scrolls. Read dutifully and archived systematically into mystical hives. Brahma seeks to find the perfect combination to creating the perfect world. Yet, in every new world he creates, humans seek to prove him wrong. They remind him of love and passion, virtues long lost among the arrogant gods.

The world is born anew once again, drawn and sculpted in divine blood. As Brahma’s eyes close, Yama awakens. Raising the fires of hell, he travels across time and space. Three lives he will judge, before delivering his final verdict. Three lives he will watch with intense curiosity: Across raging dunes, tribal lovers flee from oppression. In the city of merchants, colleagues turned lovers, lose themselves in passion and treachery. In crimson back alleys, masculine and feminine energies converge, catapulting a youth into a whirlpool of sexual frenzies. At the crux of reality, stands Yama as he uncoils his hellfire whip, ready to render judgement. Will this be the end of the world?

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The Refugee


‘The Refugee’ explores the elements in a refugee’s life and in some way how we, those of us who live normal lives may have had the same experiences. The collection will instil a variety of emotions and the feelings of escapism. Man was born free and freedom being a primal factor forces us to behave in a rebellious and fanatic manner.

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Supernatural Haiku

gothic style illustration with a skull and old fashioned text

Supernatural Haiku is a collection of horror haikus, created and inspired by the supernatural beliefs in societies all around the world. Crafted with sheer poetic intensity these haikus will take you into the darkest parts of the unforgiving underworld. Be prepared to BELIEVE and BELIEVE that we are not alone in the night.

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