The Poet



Elancharan is a multidisciplinary artist and poet. He resides in Singapore with his family and cat, Leo. He has a strange love for all things poetical and Sci-Fi. A winner of the Montblanc X Esquire Six-word Story prize 2017. He is the creator of House Haiku, an experimental music series combining poetry and house music elements. Andromeda’s Alien, his first album is now represented by Red Claw Records (Germany).

His latest publications are Untitled Protests and Why You So Dark? by UndergroundBooks (New York), Monochromatique by Queer Ink (India) and Dark Revolver by Roman Books (UK/India). His poetry has been published worldwide, on various international print and online platforms. He has featured and performed at the Rantai Arts Festival (Kuala Lumpur), Singapore International Festival of the Arts, Singapore Writers Festival, Poetry Festival Singapore and was a guest performer at the Travel Poetry Slam (Singapore).



  • Supernatural Haiku (E-book, poetry published by Tusitala, Singapore)
  • The Refugee (E-book, poetry published by Tusitala, Singapore)
  • Dark Revolver ( Poetry published by Roman Books, India/UK)
  • Into Oblivion (Poetry published by Authorspress, India)
  • Yama, At The End Of Time (E-book, novella published by First Step Publishing, India)
  • Monochromatique (E-book, poetry published by Queer Ink, India)
  • Eclipse- A War of Words (E-book, poetry/ micro-fiction published on Smashwords)
  • Prowl (Poetry published by Vajra Books, Nepal)
  • Why You So Dark? (Poetry published by UndergroundBooks, New York)
  • Watching Aliens (E-book, poetry published on Smashwords)
  • Chanting Demons (Poetry published by Rainy Day Reads, US)
  • Jellyfish Meltdown (E-book, poetry published on Smashwords)
  • Untitled Protests (Poetry published by UndergroundBooks, New York)
  • Deviant Flames ( Poetry published by Roman Books, India/UK)- To be released
  • Ecopocalypse (Poetry published by Roman Books, India/UK) – To be released
  • Sleeping with Wildflowers (Poetry published by Queer Ink)- To be released 


Artistic Contributions:

  • Living in Babel (2017) by the Select Centre- Struggle (poem in English and Tamil)
  • Editor- The Naga (Online literary blog, 2017-
  • House Haiku (Spoken word/music series) on Soundcloud
  • Poetry Festival Singapore 2017- Breaking Ground Avant-garde poetry
  • Winner of the Montblanc X Esquire Six-word Story Prize 2017
  • NILVX Winter issue 2017- Lunar Hunger (poem)
  • Cockroach Blueprint Anthology 2017 (poem)
  • Darling Buds of May 2017- Poetry recital/ Spoken word (English)
  • Poetry Leaves exhibition and bound volume- Simplicity of War (poem)
  • SIFA 2017/OPEN HOMES- Writing the World (theatre/ play)
  • Nagarmanm/ The Communting Reader 2017(Tamil) by Marshall Cavendish- Munuraippu (prose)
  • The 12 Days of Christmas Poetry Flash Mob Reading 2016 at Kinokuniya- Poetry Recital
  • The New English Verse anthology edited by Suzie Palmer- Toxic (poem)
  • Guest Poet at Travel Poetry Slam December 2016 by Word Forward (Slam poetry)
  • NLB Narrative Frames Mentorship Program 2016 (Visual poetry)
  • SWF 2016 poetry recital – Laughing at you, Laughing with you (English/Tamil)
  • Setu, online journal- You Will be Prosecuted, Closet Warriors, Screw Rankings (poems)
  • The Gold Luggage website- Artist with the Luggage (poet & poetry feature)
  • NPF 2015-2016 SG Poems anthology launch at National Library Singapore- Poetry recital (English/ Tamil)
  • NPF 2015-2016 SG Poems anthology- Foreign Flesh (poem)
  • National Poetry Festival 2016 (Singapore)- Poetry Slam (Tamil)
  • Poet On Fire- Spoken word recitals on Soundcloud (Ongoing)
  • Calvet 2015/2016- Tamil poetry mentorship program (Avant Theatre/ National Arts Council, Singapore)
  • HIV Here & Now Project- Acceptance (Spoken word/ Soundcloud)
  • Mind Control (hand-designed book)- Print Lab exhibition 2015 (Singapore)
  • Dark Revolver/Into Oblivion recital- Rantai Arts Festival 2015 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Dark Revolver recital- Booktique and BooksActually (Singapore)
  • Staged Art exhibition at SOTA (Poetry & digital art, Singapore, 2013)
  • Volume 2 of Miracle Ezine- Black & Gold (Poem)
  • Volume 4 of Miracle Ezine- Celestial Voyager (Poem)
  • Noise Singapore submission- Back to Basics (Digital art) and Chidambaram collection (Travel photography)
  • Volume 6 of Harvests of New Millennium- Against the World (Poem)
  • Pink Pages website- Against the World (Poem)
  • Taj Mahal Review- Simplicity of War (Poem)
  • Literary Yard website- Silent Stage (Poem)